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Measuring the World of Critical Processes

FMV Group is a reputable measurement company with extensive expertise in flow measurement solutions. Catering to industries such as Water, Oil, Gas, Power, and Manufacturing, it excels in developing specialized instrumentation and verification techniques. Comprising three distinct entities, FMV Group offers equipment sales and rental, meter verification field services, and leak detection support.

Key Features of FMV Group:

  • Extensive expertise in flow measurement across diverse sectors.
  • Bespoke solutions crafted through collaborations with strategic partners.
  • Comprehensive range of measurement equipment available for sale or hire.
  • Field services for meter verification, validation, and leak detection.
  • Ongoing support including care packages, annual health checks, and employee training.

With a diverse supplier network and in-house manufacturing, the company tailors products to individual client needs, utilizing various power sources. FMV Group's commitment extends beyond sales, encompassing comprehensive care packages, annual check-ups, and employee training, ensuring sustained client satisfaction.

Flow Measurement Equipment

FMV Group offers an array of advanced flow measurement equipment for sale and hire. Catering to diverse industries, our precision instruments optimize processes and inform decisions.

Meter Verification Services

Flowlee Meter Verification ensures measurement accuracy with on-field validation. Our experts maintain compliance, enhancing data reliability and process efficiency.

Leak Detection Support

MLD provides rapid, accurate leak detection, preventing downtime and environmental impact. Our skilled teams avert disruptions and safeguard your operations.

Ongoing Support and Training

FMV Group's commitment extends beyond sales. We offer care packages, health checks, and training, ensuring continuous equipment performance and employee empowerment.

Curious About Our Services?

Discover FMV GROUP Solutions

Explore our detailed FAQs to gain valuable insights into FMV Group's wide range of flow measurement solutions and expert services tailored to different industries and applications.

Your questions, our comprehensive answers.

01. In which industries does FMV Group provide its services and expertise?

FMV Group offers its specialized services and expertise to a diverse spectrum of industries, encompassing but not limited to Water, Oil, Gas, Power, and Manufacturing. Our expertise extends across sectors, delivering tailored flow measurement solutions to optimize critical processes.

02. What sets FMV Group apart in flow measurement solutions?

FMV Group stands out with its collaborative approach. We work closely with strategic partners to develop bespoke solutions that address specific industry challenges. Our commitment to accuracy and efficiency drives innovation in instrumentation and verification techniques.

03. What types of measurement equipment does FMV Group offer?

Our offerings encompass a comprehensive range of measurement equipment, available for both sale and rental. We ensure that clients have access to diverse options, including ultrasonic meters with various power sources, tailored to their individual needs.

04. Can you explain FMV Group's meter verification field services?

FMV Group's meter verification services go beyond standard testing. Our experts use industry-accepted techniques for in-situ application verifications. By integrating electronic calibration equipment, we rigorously evaluate meter performance to ensure precise and reliable functionality.

05. What support does FMV Group provide beyond equipment sales?

FMV Group is committed to ongoing support for our clients. We offer comprehensive care packages, annual health checks for equipment, and employee training sessions. Our aim is to ensure sustained client satisfaction and empower your team with the necessary knowledge.

06. How does FMV Group tailor its solutions to individual client needs?

With a diverse supplier network and in-house manufacturing capabilities, we can customize products to match specific client requirements. Whether it's the choice of power sources or specialized features, our solutions are designed to align with your unique operational needs.