Client Benefits

By utilizing our services, clients can expect:

  • Extend life of existing assets.
  • Save money on capital expenditure.
  • Return operability to an area quickly.
Added Benefits

Our services also come with added advantages:

  • Confidence in local flow data
  • Reduction in customer interruptions
  • Remove inherent risk associated with replacements.

Electromagnetic Metering Services

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Many electromagnetic meters (EM) are replaced unnecessarily when there are issues regarding data quality and operability. Once an EM stops recording or sending data it is often not a terminal failure but a temporary issue which can be rectified. Such issues could be:

Such issues could be:

  • Battery replacements
  • Damaged transmitter units
  • Damaged sensor cables
  • Incorrect settings

The more modern meters have all settings stored in the meter head itself, this makes each transmitter replaceable. Once a transmitter head is damaged it is often assumed that the meter needs to be replaced, this is not the case. Flowlee are able to carry out like-for-like replacements of both battery and mains powered units, upgrades to newer versions, replacement of meter and logger cables.

This service also extends to Electromagnetic Insertion Probes which operate with similar equipment and, therefore, similar issues. An extra service provided for insertion probes is the option to remove the probe and install as new, completing a velocity profile and fixing the point correctly in the main. Flowlee can also offer a calibration service for insertion probes.


EM meters are often installed in locations that do not allow for an easy removal and replacement process, many installed over the years have been buried and often lie under roads or pavements.

The cost of replacing an EM meter can run into the tens of thousands and create several operational issues when planning to isolate supplies without a bypass. Simple repairs can be carried out at a fraction of the cost for replacement and extend the life of the meter allowing capital spend to be utilised elsewhere.

Curious About Our Services?

FAQs for Electromagnetic Metering Services

Explore essential insights about Flowlee Meter Verification's electromagnetic metering services through these informative FAQs. Gain clarity on benefits, solutions, and industry-specific expertise.

Your questions, our comprehensive answers.

01. What are electromagnetic flow meters used for?

Electromagnetic flow meters are used to measure the flow rate of conductive liquids in various industries, providing accurate data for process control and monitoring.

02. How can Flowlee's services save costs on capital expenditure?

Flowlee's expertise in repairing and calibrating electromagnetic flow meters can extend the life of existing assets, reducing the need for frequent replacements and the associated capital expenses.

03. Can Flowlee's services address complex issues with flow meters?

Yes, Flowlee specializes in diagnosing and rectifying complex issues such as damaged sensor cables, faulty transmitter units, and incorrect meter settings, ensuring accurate measurements.

04. What is the significance of accurate local flow data?

Accurate local flow data is crucial for making informed decisions regarding process optimization, resource allocation, and troubleshooting in industrial operations.

05. Do you offer on-site services for buried electromagnetic flow meters?

Flowlee's services are adaptable to various installation scenarios, including buried meters. Our experts can conduct repairs and calibrations on-site, minimizing disruption and costs.

06. Can Flowlee's services accommodate specific industry standards?

Yes, Flowlee's electromagnetic metering services adhere to industry standards, ensuring that repaired or calibrated meters meet the accuracy and performance requirements of their respective industries.