Client Benefits

By utilizing our services, clients can expect:

  • Achieving OfWAT targets
  • Reducing lost water leads to reduction in both abstraction and process costs.
  • Stronger relationships with consumers and governing bodies.
Added Benefits

Our services also come with added advantages:

  • Greater efficiency and use of resources, meeting green environmental policy targets.
  • Increase in security of supply due to demand reductions.
  • Reduction in risk of drought orders due to poor levels of stored water.

Leak Detection Services

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FMV Group is not just a measurement service company, we also offer leak detection services to Water Providers and Private Side consumers via our own leakage operations company Metering and Leak Detection Services (MLD).

The knowledge and experience held within FMV Group allows MLD to offer a unique approach to leak location and repair. Using the metering services demonstrated above MLD are able to target leakage more effectively by deploying our metering experience in the first instance, verifying key strategic meters:

  • Verify DI and other strategic meters to accurately balance networks and identify leakage.
  • Target areas more effectively to avoid sending teams to look for ‘phantom’ leakage.
  • High standard of training and monitoring of operational staff
  • Deployment of various equipment to aid the process and assist teams to reach the standards set by the client and internal matrices.
  • Constantly searching for new and innovative processes and equipment to push the standard higher for leak detection
  • Deploying skills across entire supply network including, abstraction, DI and Trunk Mains.

MLD believe that the route to successful leak detection is partly through the use of the best most suitable equipment but primarily it takes the correct working attitude and persistence of its operational staff to work with clients and FMV metering products to target the areas with true leaks and then to be relentless in the pursuit of answers.


Accuracy of flow data allows the efficient targeting of areas, removing the risk of discovering dry holes and wasting precious resources in areas with ‘phantom’ leaks.

MLD recruit the best teams available to work with clients, not only do these teams have a wealth of experience in leak detection, they have a passion. Leak detection is more than a job for MLD operational staff it’s an obligation as workers in the industry to reduce water losses. MLD will go to great lengths to drive leakage down for both clients and the wider consumer.

Curious About Our Services?

FAQs for MLD Leak Detection Services

Explore MLD's Leak Detection Services through informative FAQs. Learn about efficient leak targeting, strategic meter verification, and the passion driving water loss reduction for sustainable solutions.

Your questions, our comprehensive answers.

01. What is MLD Leak Detection Services' primary focus?

MLD specializes in providing efficient leak detection services to water providers and private consumers. Our approach aligns with Ofwat targets, effectively reducing water loss.

02. How does MLD's leak detection benefit water providers?

MLD's services lead to meeting Ofwat targets, reducing abstraction and process costs, while strengthening relationships with consumers and regulatory bodies.

03. How does MLD use its metering expertise for leak detection?

MLD employs metering experience to strategically target leakage, verifying key meters for accurate network balance, efficient targeting, and proactive leak identification.

04. What added benefits does MLD offer?

MLD's leak detection services promote resource efficiency, align with environmental policies, ensure security of supply, and reduce the risk of drought orders.

05. What equipment and techniques does MLD employ in leak detection?

MLD's operational staff undergo rigorous training, using specialized equipment to uphold client standards and push leak detection to higher levels.

06. What sets MLD apart in leak detection?

MLD's success lies in its skilled teams, their passion for leak reduction, and the commitment to employing FMV metering products to identify real leaks effectively.