Client Benefits

By utilizing our services, clients can expect:

  • Ability to accurately balance across areas and works.
  • True and auditable reporting to governing bodies.
  • Better understanding of losses and abstraction
Added Benefits

Our services also come with added advantages:

  • Early warning of meter drift
  • Targeting meter replacements efficiently
  • Better distribution of resources.

Meter Verification

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Flowlee Meter Verification provides a suite of options that can be deployed in almost any metering situation. It is widely understood that ‘true’ meter verification involves removing a meter and placing it on a certified test rig and comparing to a calibrated unit. In practice this is not possible; therefore, Flowlee are able to deploy industry accepted methods to carry out insitu application verifications.

We have experience and access to the following methods and approaches:

  • Electromagnetic insertion probes
  • Single or multiple installations of ultrasonic meters to an exemplary standard for any industry
  • Profiling using either insertion probes or ultrasonic metering
  • Production of detailed reports for all tests carried out
  • Identifying issues in telemetry systems through data comparisons
  • Using multiple installations to prove and correct site wide balancing conflictions
  • Electronic verification of a meter’s basic level of operability
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis of pipe conditions and velocities to better understand internal issues.

In-situ meter verification can be used in tandem with manufacturers electronic calibration equipment. This equipment is used to test the performance at the heart of the meter and to compare the results against the values stored at the point of manufacture.


Meter verification carried out by Flowlee provides a robust analysis of the overall performance of the meter in question. The report provided will demonstrate how the meter is performing as a stand-alone unit, how it is performing within the application and location it is set and how well the data is being recorded and returned via telemetry.

Even if a meter is removed and calibrated on a test rig it is still not guaranteed to be correct when returned to site. Flowlee provides application verification, our equipment is installed to understand the limitations of the location. Our equipment is calibrated and installed to fit the performance of the flow within the pipework; this process removes some of the uncertainty and gives the client confidence in our process and the results can be presented to governing bodies such as OFWAT and EA to comply with licenses and regulations.

Curious About Our Services?

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01. What are the primary benefits of utilizing Flowlee's services?

By using Flowlee's services, clients can expect benefits such as the ability to accurately balance resources, true and auditable reporting to regulatory bodies, and a better understanding of losses and abstraction.

02. What are the added benefits of Flowlee's services?

Flowlee's services also provide added advantages, including early warnings of meter drift, efficient targeting of meter replacements, and improved distribution of resources.

03. What methods and approaches does Flowlee have experience with for meter verification?

Flowlee has experience with various methods, such as electromagnetic insertion probes, installing ultrasonic meters to high standards, profiling using insertion probes or ultrasonic metering, and using Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) analysis for understanding pipe conditions and velocities.

04. What is Flowlee Meter Verification?

Flowlee Meter Verification offers a range of options for metering situations. It employs industry-accepted methods to conduct in-situ application verifications, as it's often not feasible to remove meters for certified testing.

05. How does Flowlee ensure accurate meter verification?

Flowlee conducts in-situ meter verification alongside manufacturers' electronic calibration equipment. The verification analyzes meter performance within the application, considering the limitations of the location and the flow conditions within the pipework.

06. Why is Flowlee's meter verification important even if a meter is calibrated on a test rig?

Flowlee's application verification takes into account the specific conditions of the location and pipework, increasing the accuracy of results. Even after calibration on a test rig, a meter might not be completely accurate when returned to the site. Flowlee's process provides greater certainty and complies with regulatory requirements.