Client Benefits

By utilizing our services, clients can expect:

  • Costs less than replacing existing meter.
  • No interference with customer supply
  • No risk to quality or supply from operating old assets
Added Benefits

Our services also come with added advantages:

  • Use of existing assets
  • Quick switch to reliable data
  • Lower carbon footprint

Meter Xchange

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Where repairing an existing meter is not possible or has not worked and a replacement is either too expensive or creates too much risk FMV has another option for our clients.

The Meter Xchange involves removing an EM meter jacket and all the internal electronics, leaving a single flow tube with a clean surface. Flowlee are able to install either a mains powered permanent or battery powered portable ultrasonic flowmeter.


The Meter Xchange option allows the use of existing assets and chambers removing a high percentage of the cost involved in replacing end of life meters.

A Meter Xchange can be completed in nearly all applications, we require an existing end of life meter, and a chamber large enough to operate safely in.

For applications where you are unable to isolate the plant or the flow to remove the in-situ electromagnetic flowmeter

FMV engineers will remove the electromagnetic meters outer jacket and external coils, once removed a spool piece is exposed leaving an excellent surface for Ultrasonic transducers to be installed.

No cutting is involved no hot work permits are required all works are non-intrusive and completed on the outer plastic covering the flow tube section of pipe.

Curious About Our Services?

FAQs for Meter Xchange Services

Discover the innovative Meter Xchange service by Flowlee Meter Verification through these informative FAQs. Learn about cost-effective solutions and seamless transitions for electromagnetic meters.

Your questions, our comprehensive answers.

01. What is Flowlee's Meter Xchange service?

Flowlee's Meter Xchange offers an alternative to repairing or replacing existing electromagnetic meters, involving the installation of ultrasonic flow meters within the existing flow tube.

02. What are the benefits of choosing Meter Xchange?

The Meter Xchange option is cost-effective compared to full meter replacement. It ensures uninterrupted customer supply, maintains data quality, and reduces the carbon footprint through reuse of existing assets.

03. When is Meter Xchange recommended?

Meter Xchange is recommended when repairing an electromagnetic meter isn't feasible, and traditional replacement is either expensive or risky. It's a practical solution to extend asset life.

04. How does Meter Xchange installation work?

Flowlee removes the electromagnetic meter's electronics and jacket, leaving a clean flow tube surface. A battery-powered portable or mains-powered permanent ultrasonic flow meter is then installed for accurate measurements.

05. In what applications can Meter Xchange be utilized?

Meter Xchange is applicable in various scenarios where replacing end-of-life meters is costly. It allows the use of existing chambers, significantly reducing replacement expenses.

06. What is the installation process for Meter Xchange?

For applications where isolating the plant isn't feasible, Flowlee's engineers remove the electromagnetic meter's outer jacket and coils. Ultrasonic transducers are installed on the exposed spool piece, without the need for cutting or hot work permits.